Yellowstone National Park

“Yellowstone” 2013

On my harddrive I found some old video footage to Yellowstone National Park in 2013. I decided to try editing the clip. Since it was very poorly filmed the footage is not very steady. I used the Trap-Song Disaster by Creaky Jackals as a “foundation” and tried to cut the clips matching to the song.

For editing I used the free software kdenlive running on a Fedora 21-system. It worked pretty well without crashing (despite of the many effects and different clips I put into the video).

JavaJumper 0.6 - Christmas Edition

JavaJumper 0.6a – Christmas Edition!

JavaJumper 0.6 - Christmas Edition

Finally, the Christmas-Edition of JavaJumper is here!
And has ways more changed than the story and the player-sprite – the lever-block-system is back, the player can change size and the rendering-system has been rewritten – now you can zoom in using [F1] and out using [F2]! And: The large version of the player now can jump 3 blocks high while running!

Don’t forget to use [↓] if you want to interact with something!

But there are still more things planned than that – there will be a menu and finally an Android version of the game! The map-loader will be completely rewritten and the performance will be improved.

[play online] [download]

Merry Christmas and have fun playing the game!

PS: If you want to see what has changed since christmas 2013 you can look at the [old version] of the game!


What I have planned for JavaJumper 0.6a

Having released the last update I’m planning some new game-features as well as doing many bug fixes. I’ve already done loads of thing, like making JavaJumper 1.2 blocks tall (before it was 1 block tall) – and making him jump 2 blocks high without walking – and 3 with walking before. And I’ve added a new jumping-animation which right now still has some bugs – but already looks awesome :D. And the background is scrolling now – which gives the whole game some life!

But that wont’t be everything: I still want to re-add the lever-block system, a small Java-Jumper-Mode being 1 block high but only able to jump one block. And I want to re-add the possibility of creating a story and fix some difficult turtle-related bugs.

Be prepared 😉